Snake bites

During the warmer months we see many snake bites come into the clinic. Knowing the signs and acting fast can be all the difference for your pet.

Signs of a snake bite

  • vomiting
  • trembling
  • respiratory distress
  • shallow or abdominal breathing
  • weakness
  • apparent collapse with recovery
  • drooling

These signs can happen within 5 minutes to several hours after being bitten. The sooner we see your pet after they have been bitten, the more effective the antivenom works.

If you happen to see the snake, DO NOT APPROACH IT but do take note of what kind of snake it is. Even after the snake is dead it can still inject venom, so making sure you keep your distance and lock up any other pets that have access to the snake. If you are unsure whether your pet has been bitten by a snake.

How to make your yard safer for your pets?

  • Remove leaf litter from the ground and makesure your plants that may be covering paths have been trimmed back.
  • Clean up any tin or building materials that are lying on the ground creating perfect hiding spots for snakes. Ensure the materials are moved off the ground.
  • Make sure any water bowls in the yard are off the ground as snakes will come looking to cool off and have a drink during warmer days.